Thursday, December 8, 2011

Social Business & Video

In recent years, text based information on the Internet has given ways to richer content such as Audio, Video, Images; It is getting easier for people to create, edit, and share rich content. 
Corporations recognize the power of video for both internal and external purposes and look for platforms to create their own channels to manage their content.

In parallel, the rise of enterprise social media is fundamentally changing the way people work. It empowers workers to develop, nurture, and remain in contact with a network of their colleagues; respond quickly to business opportunities by calling upon the expertise in their network; and discuss and refine new creative ideas with communities of coworkers, partners, and customers.

Linking Social Business & Video is important to generate new opportunities to share ideas and drive innovation throughout the company.

Koalink is one of the solutions in the market that delivers an end-to-end solution that streamlines the business processes of capturing, managing, storing, and distributing video content.

The deployment of a Rich Media publication solution will encourage employees to produce and publish their own video. Based on their set of APIs, Romain and I have tested a potential integration between IBM Connections Profiles and Koalink Library.
In each employee profile, you can access all employees' videos through a new widget.

 That video illustrates this integration :

To extend the existing rich media capabilities of IBM Connections (details), you can imagine the type of widgets within a community.

This type of integration is also possible with other Video Content Management solutions in the market like Cisco Show & Share, Genus Technology...