Thursday, February 9, 2017

My latest webinar on IBM Watson Marketing offering in French

In december, I have delivered a webinar on Watson Marketing. during that webinar, I explained the new solutions in the Watson Marketing business unit.

- Watson Realtime Personalisation 
- Watson Marketing Insight
- Watson Content Hub 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

[Demonstration] IBM Marketing Cloud - Mobile

This video will show you the mobile push capabilities of IBM Marketing Cloud on Android. Part 1: Simple and expandable notification with basic action (open app and call) Part 2: Expandable notification with custom action (Add to Calendar and Open Google Maps)

One Page IBM Distributed marketing demo

For a customer project, I have developed a mockup illustrating how we can easily leverage DM V10 new API.

IBM Distributed marketing demonstration

IBM Distributed Marketing provides marketing organizations with the ability to distribute the execution of centrally managed marketing campaigns throughout the enterprise. Based on new IBM Distributed marketing Rest APIs, I have designed a standalone Web application illustrating what can be a Distributed Marketing application for Store manager. That application lets an end-user (without marketing or IT skills) to create a local campaign addressing a part of their customers.
Login page

Menu with options

List of On-Demand Campaign templates

Campaign creator

In addition to that, I have added Weather information coming from IBM Weather APIs and also a list of products relevant for customers based on the weather forecast.

Weather Forecast

Product recommendations

Last but not least,  I have added cognitive capabilities to be able to interact with Distributed Marketing with Natural language instead of an UI.

Watch this video to have more details about custome...

[Demonstration] Customer Front-office application with Marketing capabilities

That video demonstrated the value of integrating Next Best Offer/Action in a customer front-office application, coming from Marketing service.
In addition to that, I have provided direct access to email, mobile notification.

And then, in order to assist and help the Sales Advisor, I have added cognitive capabilities via Natural Language Understanding... The Sales Advisor can discuss with Watson to find the right offers to propose to his customer.

IBM Marketing Cloud & UBX demo tool

I'm a big fan of Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) . It simplifies interoperability between solutions to share customer events.
I have designed a simple app, simplifying the use of UBX to send events to IBM Marketing Cloud allowing you to illustrate re-targeting and more via IMC & UBX.

IBM Watson Digital Marketing Assistant

IBM Marketing Cloud provides an user-friendly, designed for Marketers to execute all actions like creating a customer segment, sending an email,...
But, can we enhance the User Exeprience by using Cognitive technology? YES, via IBM Watson.

Watch a prototype:

Product Used: IBM Marketing Cloud, IBM Watson Dialog 
Evolution: Additional dialog, Watson Natural Language Classifier service

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Multi/Omni-channel Customer Engagements with IBM Marketing Cloud

According to me, customer engagement through Digital Channels (email, sms, mobile push, web..) have to be unified, integrated and consistent.
IBM Marketing Cloud (powered by Silveprop) provides effective way to interact with customers, prospect or partners via different channels via an unified User Experience and Interface. (multi-channel), but also to start a journey on one channel and based on customer behavior, reaction, preferences to switch to a way other channels.

For example, through the automated campaign (just below), the communication starts (triggered by an event : subscription) by sending an email, then an other one if first one is opened and then based on link clicked in the second email, the third communication can be an email or a mobile push.

That campaign is fully designed via the web interface allowing you to describe the interaction journey with your customers.