Thursday, February 26, 2015

[Mobile Push] Interactive Notifications on Android with IBM Mobile Customer Engagement (xtify)

By default, via an Android app you will receive simple and rich notification.

But, can we do better, user-friendly, more interactive notification with xtify? YES, Android provides us that capabilities with expandable notification, allowing you to display larger text, picture but also supports optional actions that are displayed at the bottom of the notification.

The idea is to engage the mobile user, customer as soon as he receives the notification.
For example for financial institution, to validate a wire transfer or validate an appointment directly from the notification.
xtify provides an easy way to do it via a optional JSON payload you can add to the message.

Here is just below some type of advanced customization you can image to do..

Wire Transfer Approval
Appointment Confirmation with calendar entry creation
Large Text
Large Image
Recall or SMS
ChatHead (Facebook Concept)
Example of JSON to add in the message in order to display these notifications

Each of these notifications has its own parameter. In my application the parameter "com.xtify.notification.STYLE" defines the style of notification to use, and I design the notification as I want. You can add the style you want to your application, like the ChatHead notification you can see.

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