Monday, December 12, 2011

LotusLive : New features...

The latest release of LotusLive is now available... with lot of new features.
As you can see the TwitterSphere is already in turmoil...

A list of some new features in LotusLive Notes (more details):
  • Free 60-day self-service trial
  • BlackBerry smartphone management improvements
  • Integrated instant messaging for LotusLive Notes web
  • Trash folder management
  • Adding external names to a group
  • Email filters
  •  Revoking a LotusLive Notes user account
  • Mail file transfer over FTP
My prefered feature : Lotuslive Notes Web Access  with on-premises community.

In LotusLive Engage or Connections :

A new integrated application is available: Trilog ProjExec Live. ProjExec Live enables project managers to create, plan, execute and track projects using a professional Gantt editor that synchronizes with Microsoft Project. Invite other LotusLive users as project members and collaborate securely using a multi-project activity stream called the Project Wall. ProjExec Live is an intuitive, mobile-friendly solution to effectively manage and deliver projects of any size.

Demo of ProjeExec : 

Thanks Patrice for the pictures...