Thursday, August 8, 2013

Polycom Conferencing Add-in For IBM Sametime V3.0

Today, we delivered. version 3.0 of the IBM/Polycom TCSPI integration-- Polycom Conferencing Add-In for IBM Sametime. Historically, Polycom UC solutions are integrated with the IBM Sametime server, without changing the IBM Sametime clients thus enabling their users to maintain their familiar user interface and workflows.

The Add-In is one of two main integration approaches that are available with the Polycom RealPresence Platform integration. They are derived from the two interfaces provided by IBM and they allow two different functional use cases:
• Telephony Control Service Provider Interface (TCSPI) - an API interface that provides
User-based Dialing
• Integration via SIP Trunk between the Sametime Media Manager and the Polycom
RealPresence DMA - that provides Device-based Dialing

With the new Add-In, the User-based Dialing approach has been updated to provide integration with Polycom DMA. Polycom RealPresence DMA distributes voice and video calls based on priority, bandwidth availability, and class of service. It provides bridge virtualization, video call control functions including dial plan management and scalable VMR (Virtual Meeting Room) management. The solution’s advanced routing algorithms maximize resource utilization. The Polycom Conferencing Add-in for IBM Sametime creates multipoint audio and video meetings via the RealPresence DMA on the RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX) 1500/2000/4000 system using API commands.

Below illustrates the architectures of the previous version 2.0 and newly released version 3.0.

Version 2.0 architecture:

Version 3.0 architecture:

The new features of this Add-In are:

•    Scalability/Resiliency across multiple RMXes
•    DMA feature set (Site Topology, SIP Conference Failover, BW Management, etc)
•    Includes Conference Control for both SIP and H.323
•    Mute/UnMute/Mute All status now supported
•    Lock/Unlock conference now supported
•    Configurable DMA Templates
•    Can set DMA template to be used for ad-hoc conferences by DMA Adaptor deployment (in files)

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This integration completes other touch points like calendar integration with Domino Server, scheduling integration via PLCM API, and video publishing via Media Utility.

This diagram illustrates th overall IBM/Polycom integration, the most complete and seamless integration in the market with IBM Collaborative environment.