Monday, July 22, 2013

RealPresence Desktop & Mobile 3.0 are available

New versions of RealPresence Desktop &Mobile 3.0 are now available.

Please find the list of new features:

Realpresence Desktop (RPD):
  • Support for H.264 high-profile calls (outgoing and incoming).
  • Support for answering incoming calls automatically. When enabled, this feature allows users to choose to mute the audio or video of auto-answered calls.
  • Enabled users to hide or display local self-view.
  • Allowed users to change call settings during the call.
  • Allowed users to collect and email log files.
  • Added SmartPairing to enable devices to share content with Polycom HDX and RealPresence Group Series device
  • MacOS support
Realpresence Mobile for iOS and Android (RPM):
  • Content sharing enhancements (iPad)
  • New tablet and phone device support (Android)
  • Auto answer/mute
  • AVC/SVC Enhancements
  • Auto VPN (iOS)

A cool feature I now daily us: Smartpairing on my RPD 
You can pair your device with a Polycom HDX or RealPresence Group Series system and share your monitor or application with the system.


Desktop & App Sharing

Content on HDX

Content on the laptop
RPM also has a really cool feature: New content sharing capabilities

Mobiles are often seen as passive communication/collaboration devices, but more and more you can produce, but now also share content from an iPad.
In the previous version, you were only be able to share content
  • Picture Share (.jpeg, .png, .bmp) from local Photos / Gallery
  • Web Page Share
  • Retrieve files from Dropbox to share
  • Support MS Office document types, (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Access to Dropbox content

Preview of content before sharing

Content Sharing Started

WebSite sharing
Sharing of local pictures
You can retrieve RPM 3.0 on AppleStore and Google Play.