Friday, May 30, 2014

[UX_Series] Smarter Retail Mobile App

According lot of analysts and vendors, The WebRTC revolution has begun. Polycom, as one of the spearhead of Standard and interoperability, is ready to make WebRTC possible (here). But, in my humble opinion, the technology is not the revolution, the use cases are. It will change the way people use video technology, outside tradition rooms.

One year ago, Polycom has delivered in the market the perfect product to start that revolution: Polycom CloudAXIS, a Web-enabler & Video Enabled Business Process (VEBP) solution for video conferencing.

To illustrate VEBP leveraging CloudAXIS, I have developed a mockup of a mobile retail app to allow customer to engage experts/advisors during their shopping experience.

Description of the use case
Workflow of the use case from an user
Technologies Used:

For that mock-up, I have used all of these technologies:
1/ A NFC Tag and QR Codes - It identifies the store or the article.
2/ An Android Tablet or Smartphone
3/ Polycom CloudAXIS APIs
4/ Polycom RealPresence Mobile 

As you can see in term of technology, it is very easy, but could be very powerful for a customer to enhance its Shopping Experience.