Monday, January 13, 2014

RealPresence Desktop & Mobile (Win & Mac / Android & iOS) v3.1 is GA

Major Features:

CMA-D Key Feature Parity
  • Presence and IM support on RP Desktop
  • Support single sign-on (SSO) on RPD Windows
  • Improve NAT traversal capability in RPD standalone mode
User Feature enhancements
  • SmartPairing content on RPM iPad
  • Whiteboard support on RPM iPad
  • SmartPairing control of Room Systems from RPD (Windows and Mac)
  • Easy RSS recording control on RPM/RPD
General Product enhancements
  • New Android device support
  • iOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9 support
  • Support reverse landscape mode and portrait mode on RPM Android for Samsung
  • Add support for Kazakh Language

All sharing capabilities of RPM 3.1
Access to Dropbox files
New Whiteboard feature

Website sharing with annotations