Thursday, June 13, 2013

Polycom VVX & Conference Management...

Today, I would like to share with you my last prototype.
You probably know I love the concept of "Contextual Service", it provides access to a service depending on a context. This concept drives user adoption by providing a seamless integration and the easiest access to a service.

Last week, I have a discussion with one of my colleague, who is specialized on Polycom Voice Portfolio, about Polycom Business Media Phone VVX and its Web browser.
So, I have imagined a new service: Having access to Conference management capabilities directly from the phone, like retrievinf his VMR info, changing chairperson and attendee passcodes...


To design that prototype, you just need to have a standard application server to host the Web page.
In my case, I have used a J2EE Websphere Application Server. The app does all REST API requests against Polycom DMA to retrieve all VMR details and update passcodes.

 As you can see, that is pretty straightforward and very powerful...