Thursday, June 13, 2013

Polycom Conference Control App

I have covered Polycom Infrastructure APIs several times in my blog. Polycom set of APIs is a very prowerful driver for UC and Video Adoption. It could allow you to quickly develop applications (Web, desktop, mobile…) to interact with Polycom RealPresence platform. This application could be IT-centric or end-user-centric.

“Polycom Advanced Services” has developed an application to easily manage Polycom Conferences. This application is accessible via a simple web browser (from your PC, Tablet or Mobile devide). After the authentication sequence, you can access to several key features to control active or inactive conference like:
  • Create new personal VMR,
  • Manage meeting participants,
  • Mute/unmute, lock/unlock conference,
  • Update VMR passcodes for Chairperson and Attendees,
If you are interested by this application, we can provide you a trial version of this app to see the value of it in your environment. Please contact me or your local Polycom SE for the trial details and the cost.

Login Screen

List of personal active VMR
Creation of VMR
Edition of VMR passcodes
Management of a running meeting room

Add participant screen
 This application is also available via a tablet or a smartphone.