Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Video Ubiquity: an example with IBM Integration

In my previous post "Team Polycom 2012", I have mentionned the three Polycom's driver for Video Ubiquity. Today, I would like illustrate one of them : Vendor Integration, through Content Sharing.

In that these two pictures, you have a good illustration of that. A video meeting has been started on a Polycom Realpresence RMX (MCU), with a room system (HDX Media Center), a Polycom practitioner cart (here), an Apple iPhone4S with Polycom Realpresence Mobile (here) and two IBM Sametime Connect Clients.

The user on is desktop with IBM Sametime Connect is able to see the four participants and the content shared on HDX Media Center. The user in the room just doesn't have a laptop, just an USB key. The content is delivered through this USB key, plugged into the Polycom Touch Control (here).

Now, this user wants to highlight key informations in that slide. A Polycom UC board (here) is installed on his system. Polycom UC Board transforms ordinary surfaces into Virtual Whiteboards, making sharing sontent via video as easy as picking up a pen. All participants, including IBM Sametime Connect Clients, can easily see all modifications done in the presentation...

A high level overview of the architecture to delivered his capabilities:

That is the promise of Video Ubiquity, and it works NOW !!