Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TEAM Polycom 2012

I'm attending my first Team Polycom in 2012. That event shows me I did a good choice by joining Polycom.
During this two days, I had the chance to discover the entire portfolio of Polycom.  Last Year, Polycom deliver 44 new products including Eagle Director, UC Board.
That's awesome, and you will see in 2012 new products in the market...
A new logo... Very cool and modern. You will see this on our new web site in May/June timeframe. And, there's more where that came from in 2012.

But, more than just new products, I will remember our vision and our we will lead the video market. Video collaboration is becoming UBIQUITOUS - desktop, room, immersive system and mobile. Our three drivers of Video ubiquity are:
- User Experience
- Total Cost of ownership
- Native Multi-vendor integration

Lot of partners and Polycom employee have visited the partner Booth IBM to see the powerful and easy integration of IBM/Polycom.