Monday, April 16, 2012

Using Web & Video as a new communication channels for B2C, B2B, & B2E

"Web is the platform": The web has changing the way people interact with others, find information, buy new products, consume information... Every companies in the world have a corporate intranet, an external B2B/B2C web site.
Video is also becoming a new language of business. 576 million video calls in the last year (Business & Consumer)..

Some organizations have deployed live chat system for their extranets, which is good to interact with customers or partners in real-time, but for "Gold" customers or to create more intimacy.
Video is a best channel of communications. Remember, only 7% of information is sent through words, the remaining 93% of communication is non-verbal.

Video & Online Banking

The concept of Internet banking has been simultaneously evolving with the development of the world wide web. Imagine a bank agent will to exchange with one of his customer on a tough subject. Chat or audio is not enough. Some banks have already integrated video into banking kiosks linked to their centralized video call center to improve efficiency and productivity of their employees.

Customer interaction - Product Support
The same approach can be used to interact with customers about new products, to support product installation, troubleshooting...

In these two examples leverage Polycom Realpresence and IBM technologies.
By adapting the widget provided by "IBM Sametime Video Chat Plug-in for IBM Connections", you can include a button, a link in any web page.