Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Social term definitions

Every day, we hear Social terms, but the definition is not always known.. I would like to share some definitions with you :
  • Collaboration = working together to co-create 
  • Social computing =  collaborating online with social tools 
  • Social business = using social computing to transform business processes

Social business, the new collaboration paradigm, increases business value.
  • Leverage the scale:
    • Find people, whether you know them or not 
    • Share with everyone and bring silos together
    • Build relationships with a network of close peers as well as with large communities
  • Engage the crowd:
    • Find information and answers to questions
    • Brainstorm publicly
    • Rate ideas and get feedback
    • Leverage viral channels
  • Conquer geographical and time zone differences:
    • Conduct discussions, exchange ideas, communicate decisions and get feedback
  • Use social media to grow your business:
    • Listen to what is being said about your company and products and react more quickly
    • Use social marketing
    • Create communities around your brand and relevant topics