Monday, November 7, 2011

Developing Mobile Application with Web Experience Factory

Organizations are faced with a need to move applications rapidly to the exploding smartphone and mobile device market. Building native applications with multiple device SDKs is very costly and time-consuming.

Modern smartphone and tablet browsers have very good support for a rich user experience that can have a native look and feel. This is done with web technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript...

Techniques for Creating Exceptional Mobile Experiences 

Mobile web applications 
  • Accessible over the internet without installing software 
  • Use device browsers to provide native-looking applications 
  • Built using standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS, JS) 

Hybrid applications: leverage web technology and native device features  :
  • Installed applications that use the device browser to display web-based UI 
  • Provide the ability to use native device features 
  • Leverage standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS, JS)  

Native applications
  • Installed applications that use all device features such as camera, accelerometer, calendar, contacts, etc. Support the richest user experience (e.g., gaming applications) 
  • Built using each phone's native SDK 

IBM Web Experience Factory is the right solution for rapid development of web and hybrid applications (CRUD).

In the context of mobile devices, Web Experience Factory can help you to :

  1. Create native-looking mobile applications using standard technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  2. Automate the creation of mobile-optimized applications, eliminating coding and speeding time to market
  3. Support your multi-channel strategy.  Create once and run on multiple devices (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPad, etc.)
  4. Leverage all the Experience Factory out-of-the-box features for quickly building exceptional web experiences 
  5. Leverage HTML5 for features such as geolocation and offline support
  6. Build hybrid applications to support additional device features such as camera

Developing Web Applications for Smartphones and Tablets with IBM Web Experience Factory : link
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Hybrid Web Applications

Phonegap is an open source framework for developing cross-platform, hybrid mobile apps with web technologies, which provides JavaScript interfaces to phone's native features.

IBM Web Experience Factory can easily integrate Phonegap libraries.
Building hybrid mobile applications with PhoneGap and IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory :  link