Thursday, November 6, 2014

IBM Interact & Mobile Push Notification (Xtify)

IBM Interact is real-time interaction management software. It determines, in real-time, the best personalized message for each live customer interaction. Can we imagine to link IBM Interact with Mobile Push notification.

IBM provides a flexible, easier-to-use environment (IBM Mobile Push Notification) for creating notification campaigns that engage mobile app users at the optimal time and place. You can target communications based on your business rules, current segmentation, customer relationship management (CRM) data and customer behavior including current and historical locations.

Different integration approaches exist leveraging "Message Connector", automatic event trigger app...
In that blog entry, I have choosen to illustrate a manual notification on the customer mobile app but with a automatic personalisation of the message.

The customer's advisor using his front-office application can send, via a simple click, the best offer generated by IBM Interact to his customer.

In my demo, I use an Android phone, but IBM Mobile Push Notification exists Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android, Microsoft Windows 8 and BlackBerry apps.