Friday, July 18, 2014

[Lab] Polycom Conference Manager for Google Chrome

[UPDATE]: New UI with version 2.0

Two weeks ago, I illustrated how to develop a PHP (server-side) application, leveraging Polycom DMA APIs, to easily control a Polycom on-going conference (here). That app doesn't require admin credentials, so an end-user can use it via its own credentials, but he needs to have a PHP server.
So, to simplify the use of that service, I adapted that aplication to be usable as a Google Chrome App. So, now anhy end-user can install that "local" app on its Google Chrome browser, and uses it.

Click on that icon to install it on your Google Chrome.

That application provide the following features:
  • List of meeting participants (audio, video, content)
  • Start/stop recording
  • Lock/unlock conference
  • Mute/unmute a selected person (or a list of people)
  • Mute all participants except chairperson
  • Unmute all participants
  • Add/remove participants.
  • Save/retrieve your meetings details (DMA FQDN, username, login...)
Some screenshots of that application:

Just retrieved my previous settings

Validate my meeting number of my ongoing conference

List participants

Just clicked on "Begin Recording"

Just locked my conference

Selection of several people who attend the meeting

Just muted selected people

Unmuted the conference
Live Demonstration: