Monday, July 7, 2014

[Lab] Conference Management via APIs

During the last two years, I have demonstrated Polycom APIs infrastructure value through several examples like VMR-user Management, CloudAXIS scheduling, IBM Sametime integration, but I only played with REST APIs. But, I had a request - display a message during the conference, I can't solve via DMA or Resource Manager API, I had to use Polycom Collaboration Server (RMX) ---- XML-based API.

I have designed a Web application (using PHP) allowing an end-user to fully control his on-going conference. The user will be able to list all meeting participants, start/stop the meeting recording, lock/unlock conference and different mute options, you can also invite/disconnect a participant.

Web Page of the app.
A short recording about the different capabilities of the app:

All features are accessible via only end-user credentials, but if you want to different text message during the conference, you need DMA & RMX admin credentials.


That application has now a new user interface leveraging Bootstrap.