Friday, May 2, 2014

New Sametime SDK & Sametime 9 Phonebook Management

IBM just published a new release of IBM Sametime 9.0 SDK I won't list all new APIs or features.
I will just focused my article to the updates of IBM Sametime Telephony Toolkit.

Link to download Sametime Standard V9.0 SDK IFR 1 Multiplatform: here
(The date on the site for the ePackage doesn't properly reflect that, but IBM just uploaded it.)

That is a comparison between the list of public objects we have in S9 & S9 IFR1 SDK:

IBM Sametime 9 has introduced IBM Softphone which allows you to place and receive voice and video calls from your computer. To place call, IBM Sametime Phonebook, is very useful if you don't want to remember all telephone number, SIP URI or h323 dial string. The only way to provision the phonebook was a plugin I described two years ago, leveraging your IBM Notes contacts. Same thing to export or backup, there was no way of exporting or backing up your Sametime Phonebook or call history data from the Sametime client user interface (UI).

Via these new objects,you can now easily manipulate the content of IBM Sametime Phonebook  by creating, deleting entries. I have designed a Sametime plugin to export Polycom endpoints details from a flat file (csv) or from a Polycom Resource Manager.

Hope it will help you to leverage the power of IBM Softphone, especially with Polycom infrastructure.