Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leveraging Human Capital with Polycom technology

I have published on my blog examples of vertical integration of video into business processes (Video Online Banking in Finance). I'm really convinced if you want to drive the best user adoption of a new service you need to seamlessly integrate it into an existing business processes...

I would like to highlight another industry: Human Resources (HR).

HR department is under pressure, the role of HR is changing. HR need to deliver forward-thinking capabilities that can help companies respond more timely and effectively to changes in the business environment, Lead their organizations in areas such strategic utilization of employees to serve business goals, and talent management and development...

Video-enabled processes can help them in several domains:
1/ Talent Acquisition
2/ On-Boarding
3/ Performance Management
4/ Flexible Working
5/ Learning & Development
6/ Succession Planning

I will deepen the number #1: Talent Acquisition
You have probably read several articles on Internet about Video Interviews. Video interviews help attract skilled workers and talents, and shorten time to hire. For example, when I joined Polycom, I have done several interview rounds via video with my manager based in US and the recruiter in UK. But, in my case, I have used Polycom system in Polycom Paris.

- As a candidat to be able to do that from your home office via your laptop.
- As a HR recruiter to have a simple interface linking your recruitment system via your video infrastructure to easily setup interviews rounds and notify the candidate via email.

Polycom has developed a prototype to link Kenexa BrassRing with Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS to be able to easily do video interviews..

I have illustrated a full recruitment process involving these two solutions that Day in a Life.

[Day in a Life] Polycom & Kenexa Brass-Ring - Video Interview from Vincent Perrin

During IBM Connect 2014, we have demonstrated that solution on the Polycom Booth.
I have done a demo for Bertrand Duperrin. Sorry in French..

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