Thursday, September 12, 2013

IBM Completes Sametime’s Front Nine by Wainhouse Research

Wainhouse Research has written an analysis on the next major release of IBM Sametime: Version 9.
IBM Sametime 9 should be available at september 20th.

Wainhouse Research has hightlighted two major enhancements for these release:
  • A simplified, streamlined user experience
"Both the browser-based and native Sametime clients have undergone a number of both look-and-feel and workflow refinements."

  • “Out of the box” Continuous Presence
"A new SVC-capable, software-based video conferencing capability supports conferences with up to 2,000 attendees, with the ability to view up to six simultaneous video streams (four on mobile devices), developed by IBM with guidance from Polycom."

Link to Wainhouse Research Bulletin: here

I will share with you, next week, more details, pictures on IBM Sametime 9, based on my tests during S9 beta program.