Wednesday, April 3, 2013

IBM Sametime Unified Telephony Lite and Telephony Presence

IBM® Sametime® Unified Telephony Lite (SUT Lite) Client enables you to place calls to and receive calls from internal or external phone numbers, video conferencing systems or video conferencing endpoints on your desktop.

Polycom proposes a native integration with IBM SUT Lite, enabling you to use your Sametime Client as a video endpoints on your desktop.

Currently, Telephony presence is only available via full SUT solution.
Telephony status lets you know that someone is on the phone before you make a call.

But, great news, IBM just enhanced that feature by providing telephony presence in addition to IM presence with SUT Lite as you can see just below.

In that example, I'm calling a Polycom Group Series by dialing its SIP uri, and directly, I (and all Sametime users) can see in front of my name a telephony indicator, mentioning I'm making a call...

P.S: That feature is available via IBM Support.