Monday, September 3, 2012

Polycom VMR password modification

I have already shared with you several articles about Polycom Infrastructure APIs...
I would like to share a new idea with you: An app to allow end-users to change his VMR password on Polycom DMA.
One of my colleague (Moussa Louafi) has worked with the API to test that feature.

In order to do that, we use only this method: 
PUT - https://localhost:8443/api/rest/conference-rooms/{conference-room-identifier}
This method allows us to update a Conference Room information specified by this conference room identifier

Before the REST Command, the Conference Room password is 9876.

The REST Command using REST Client for Firefox

After the REST Command, the Conference Room password is 1234.

API’s open up many new opportunities. Partners already are leveraging API’s like:
You can find more details about Polycom APIs in that web site:

The Sky is the limit for Applications!