Monday, August 6, 2012

Polycom APIs suite....

In a previous article, I have demonstrated how Polycom set of APIs could be integrated within IBM Sametime to provide a direct access for an end-user to Polycom Video capabilities.

But, these APIs can also be very useful for IT Video Administrators to extend the scope of existing Polycom features, and directly integrate some capabilities in their existing IT environment (BSS or OSS).
I have tried to illustrate that by a new application. This time, I have decided to create a Web application. That custom Web application provides a way to a customer to have a weekly view of Polycom MCUs usage, to analyze peak hours and to know when upgrade his existing infrastructure to handle the nex workload.
This application stores each 10 minutes informations about the MCUs workload in order to have a view of the real MCU (pool) usage on a Polycom DMA.
Then, all these nformation are displayed using line charts via a web browser:

Or via a smartphone:


Architecture of this application:
The application is made up of two J2EE applications:

1/ PLCMStatsFE
Design the user interface, leveraging Google Charts
Two different information :
  • Real-time access to MCUs usage.
  • Display a line chart of MCUs usage in a certain period of time.
2/ PLCMStatsBE:
  • Leverage REST APIs to retrieve each 10 minutes (TBD) MCUs usage (audio & video resources)
  • Store this info in the database

That's another illustration of the powerful of the Polycom set of open APIs.