Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mobile Video & IBM Sametime

Enterprise mobility presents opportunities to the business world. Mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated, providing users (both corporate and consumer) with voice, Internet, e-mail, chat, gaming & video. I already covered the theme of mobility in several entry of my blog...

But, I would like to share with you a new opportunity... "Mobile Video". Imagine that you travel a lot via your preferred tablet (Apple iPad or Android...), I'm sure you want to be able to attend e-meeting or video meeting with your colleagues.

IBM Sametime 8.5.2 IFR1 provides you the ability to access IBM Sametime Meeting via the web browser.
An Apple iPad user or a Google Android tablet user can do the following :
  • Join a Sametime meeting from the browser on your iPad or Android tablet
  • Join Sametime meeting rooms directly from web addresses in the calendar or messaging applications
  • Create new meeting rooms or search for meeting rooms by room or owner name
  • View shared data and annotations by the presenter; share previously uploaded documents or URLs in the meeting room
  • Access room tools, generate and view meeting reports, and change room preferences
  • Use the polling tool to add, edit, and send polls
  • Execute the end meeting feature or eject users from the room
  • Participate by raising or lower your hand in the meeting and participating in group discussion

Now, imagine you to be able to call someone using a tablet from IBM Sametime... "Collaboration anywhere anytime any device..."
Polycom has developped a mobile app for iPad (Polycom RealPresence Mobile for Apple iPad 2) or an Android tablet (Polycom RealPresence Mobile for Android)...

Two images are worth a thousand words :

Meeting Interface including Polycom Video

Polycom Interface

That's really cool and easy to setup...

In that case, I'm using a H323 call. But, H.323 and SIP are supported to maximize connectivity across platforms.. Via IBM SUT Lite and Polycom DMA Integration, you will be able to do a SIP call from or to the tablet.